Angel of Joy for April 2018

The Transformation Game(R)の開発元InnerLinks社は、毎月、その月のエンジェルをお招きしています。
このページはBlue LotusがInnerLinks社に日本語翻訳及び掲載の許可を得てご紹介しています。 日本語文の転載をご希望される方は、Blue Lotusまでご連絡ください。 また転載にあたっては、必ずBlue Lotusが翻訳の許可を得てご紹介している事を明記し、Blue Lotus のホームページをリンクしてください。










P.S. あなたが3月にTendernessの天使とワークしていたなら、感謝の気持ちでそれをリリースするためにしばらく時間をとって、4月のあなたの人生にJoyの天使を歓迎しましょう。

Approach life with a buoyant attitude, light heart and unencumbered mind. Let joy lift your spirit and fill each moment.  

There is a presence that abides deep within each of us - that connects us to all that we are and all that is. We are holographic beings and therefore can enter into the whole from any point. Joy is an essential manifestation of this presence and is always available.  

Joy springs naturally from a deep sense of belonging, whereas suffering comes from the longing to be. In these stressful times, our beingness feels elusive and sometimes beyond our reach. Weighted down by guilt, shame, or a negative outlook, we hesitate to allow ourselves to experience joy.  

An unencumbered mind is not caught in the loop of pleasure seeking and pain blocking, it is free of rationalizations and preconceptions of what should happen. We are no longer distracted by the 'what ifs', but are open to the experience of the 'what is'. Joy is not a result, it is at the source and we are the sorcerers.  

Settle and feel at home in yourself, own your desires and feel curious about life. Let go of striving and time as a measure of movement. Reality is a continuous emanation of the soul's unfolding experience grounded in joy.  

May your month be filled with Joy-Full moments..

P.S. If you worked with the Angel of Tenderness during March, take a few moments to release it with your gratitude then welcome the Angel of Joy into your life for the month of April.


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